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The lads in charge (we're not paid like)

Where are you from? 

Ballyboden, County Dublin, Ireland

How long have you Played:

I started playing in primary school back home around 8-10 years old, so on and off for roughly 28years now.

What does the sport mean to you:

Obviously having grown up playing this sport, it has been a huge part of my life.

Culturally it has been extremely rewarding and given me a massive sense of pride to be involved in this great Irish sport, especially for the 5 years I played/coached abroad in Australia and the now 6 years I've been playing/coaching here in the states.

Socially it has provided me with some of the greatest friends I have to this day and has been an incredible help to assimilating in the different countries I've lived in. The craic is real, the Gaelic community definitely know how to play hard both on and off the field.

Emotionally, I have made memories through this sport that will stay with me for the rest of my life both on and off the field. The Gaelic community both home and abroad is a very tight knit one that sticks together through the highs and lows of life.

The sport has provided me a brilliant outlet to compete and release those stresses of the everyday life. 20+ years later I still look forward to the training sessions and games--and I miss every second of it when the season is over.

What is your goal for the team this year : 


As with every year, the goal is to win the league and get that spot in nationals. But when you filter down from that there are many other goals that we try to achieve year in year out. We are a very young club (This is our sixth season) and creating an environment that is both welcoming and competitive is very important to me. As well as lifting some silverware, all the above answers about what this sport means to me, I strive to provide and grow within our club.


What do you love about coaching:


Player development all day long, its the main reason I do it. I take great pride in well structured and communicated training sessions. Developing a team that is disciplined yet knows when to be creative and show some flair can be very satisfying. But watching a player develop into the best they can be is the main reason I love to coach.


What do you do for work, and for fun?


I'm a plasterer, I run my own company and specialise in plaster preservation. I work throughout New England on many of the old homes here in the states. I'm pretty busy playing other sports and spending time with my family (I've a 3-year-old that keeps me and the wife pretty busy). Anything from soccer, Golf, traveling, eating, drinking. if there's a bit of craic to be had, I'll be there.

I am honored to be entrusted with the position of hurling manager for 2024.  I love both Gaelic football and Hurling and look forward to leading the club to the Junior C division championship.

Outside of the club I am a 5th grade teacher about to finish my second decade as an educator at Greenland Central School in NH.  I've enjoyed bringing hurling to the middle schoolers at my school, and Gaelic football with 5-8th graders.  

I'm also dedicated distance hiker.  I've completed multiple multi-day hikes in Ireland, as well as lots of hiking in New England.  I try to go to Ireland to hike, see my friends/family, and enjoy Irish culture every year.  I've completed hikes throughout Co. Kerry, and completed the entire Beara Way in Co. Cork.  My next trip will hopefully take me to complete the Mourne Wall Challenge in Co. Down, and complete the Wicklow Way.

Sports that I play: I play both Gaelic football and hurling.  

Favorite Food: I'm a huge fan of Las Olas Taqueria in Wells.  Their guacamole is the best.

Favorite thing to do in town: I like watching soccer, rugby, or other sports at RiRa when I am up in Portland.

Hobbies: Hiking, travel, soccer, Aussie Rules Footy, surfing, and drums.

The Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion

The member-elected board of directors that keep the club going.

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